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Vultures & Doves, Winter 2021

It Ends With Gratitude

I could walk away (because that’s human freedom)

into what the wise ones tell me is darkness.

The darkness of broken promise.

I stay to witness the beautiful things

that come after a storm when everything cleared away

leaves room for flowers and love

and the joy of sharing life with another

in the midst of others making our way together.


This is what I stay for.

I made a promise.

A promise was made.

We are not a TV show,

twisting and spinning

on poisonous oaths which 

should never have been.


What I really long for is to answer the calling

that leads us into the dream of love

all around us

within us

all the same.

We say it’s behind us now.

But behind is always the foundation 

of what’s to come.

This great 

Palace of Now.


Thank you for these words.

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