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Homes I Have Built

The Pray-ers

I have built 
things this life enough things
People still insist things be built
I am done building
ready to live in homes 
I have built
I have already married
already divorced
already raised the only 
children I will ever this life:
the infants of my misgivings
the toddlers of my imaginations
adolescents of my wild perceptions
evolving into philosophers of the stars
in these homes we are
looking out broad windows
mountains behind
the sea in front
through skylights to heavens
or at home in the luminescence 
of green fallen snow
from this life from now on 
the pathways run
every which way
I am engaged with broad 
smatterings of vagus arteries 
wilderness trails of heart
not the lost roads 
and hard pavements
of others’ dreams
I once traveled with resolve
and made it through

These are the honey makers
The maple sap tappers
The pollen gatherers
The elixirs healing the future
from the spirits of the past
Unleashing beasts
who make right the wrongs
The saviors of the waters
The elders of the vineyards
Turning failing limbs to wings
Blacksmiths who shape 
hard metals into words
Uncoiling spells to rest on winds
and spiral to the sky
These are the doers, the shakers, the spinners
The unripe berries who will delight our tongues 
who speak the truth before it is so
and unjam the rivers to free the flow 
They are the fish that run upwards
then come down to feed the people
when the best of times are beaten. ​

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