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Published in The Poet Magazine, Winter 2021
Theme: "Childhood"


Your little girl tussles 

with my little boy and

I want to strangle her,


bigger and wiser wit to 

the world than my boy

growing up disheartened


by the absence of color 

and sheltered from struggling others.

About My Birth

Born in September, 

a twinkle in the cold,

trees without a single leaf,

all fallen, frozen, crunching underneath

my parents’ young and nimble feet.


The day I sprung 

from“just a thought”

the skies were overcast 

and Jersey lakes I’d come to know 

were gray and frozen,


my parents having chosen

some side trip through color

through cracks in cold veneer

safely beyond the fear and swelter,

slightly dappling leaves, and then


as I recall I was delivered here

falling with them again.

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