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Instant Noodles , Summer 2022

My Heart Now

My heart now,
decades older,
so easily dies 
from raging fire
to the coldest 
and blackest 
of coals,
         following the course of entropy
              (its laws revealed to me in high school science),
settling in this 
stable place of unrest,
its true nature 
the inertia of comets.

While below,

in my stomach now,
rages a stormy ocean 
pummeling the fiery lands,
spewing the slimiest 
most putrid 
sludge ever seen –
products of Death,
ashes and water 
mixed together.

          Once a volcano,
I am now a humble 
praying for Nature
                     to make me new again.


Nelson died


one cool spell in August,
too cool and too sudden
for his northern pride,
his sullied constitution 
all weathered and beaten.

And sometimes the swelter
in the dead of summer 
freezes our hearts,
stealing away breath
before the soul can eat.

If we forget to share 
what Mother Heart brings,
inspiration leaves
(we hope not with Nelson),
and frozen wind descends.

Grief Moves Slow

Grief moves slow so I’ve been told.
Timeless really. 
A well of Earth’s blood up through 
an open vein:
A quick moment in perception interminable.
Agony yes. 

Something not there there.
In the not there lies a good part of myself.
Good because my love was good in ways I was not.
Lost in him as he goes
this Great Venerable Being of Goodness
who will never be back

Roots clinging to this ground of being
which one day consumes everything 
                                                                  into nothingness,

not being-ness.

My one small seed left on this tree
must descend to the place it all began
when awareness first took hold.
There by the laws of the universe
rebirth not only possible but inevitable.

Must I die to be reborn?

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