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The Whisky Blot, Spring 2022


Cowboy Regrets

Some people get thrown from their horse

and get right back on

If I take the time to get to know a horse

Gently mounting its back

Engaging in giving and receiving

And it throws me to the ground

Horse riding may not be my thing.


What would it take to get up after a fall

unlike so many greenhorns before

and take the reins again?

To find love in what I'm doing

and do what I love?

Whatever it is.

To know the wounds

from that unintended dismounting

would heal in their own time.

To desire something


To go somewhere

Even a distant place

To get back on and feel the wind

blow the journey over me

To not know what I will find

Expect nothing

Revel in everything.


Sometimes this world moves so slowly

and other times so quickly

I wonder if I’m ready to speed

things up on the back of a horse,

knowing I will surely be thrown again.

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